Monday, October 14, 2013

Apple picking at Royal Oaks Farm

Such a cute apple picker ;)

Never mind the sign that read, "DO NOT CLIMB THE APPLE TREES."

Grandma May was able to join us.

Somehow we remembered to get a picture of all 4 of us!

The best ones were at the top!

Cutie patootie :)

Uncle Brandon comes to town!

Landon and Charlie are so fortunate to have such amazing uncles.  Uncle Brandon is a full-time pilot, and owns a dog walking business called First Class Critters. As you can imagine, he is super busy and tries to fly home when he has a second to spare.  Teaching the boys croquet...

Yep, he's awesome. 
I'm kind of a super proud sister and love when all 3 of us are together!!!


I wanted to spend some time thanking my husband.  As most of you know, his work takes up a large amount of time away from us, but you know what, the time a part has brought our family closer together than ever before.  Both boys have such a close bond with him and enjoy their daddy hang out time, football time, fishing, tackling, reading, etc.
He LOVES being a dad to these boys.

I know I don't say it enough, but he is an amazing husband.  And has always stood by me, lifted me up, and encouraged me.  Thank you God for my amazing husband.  He is such a gift and I am forever grateful.

It is a big adjustment with him gone, and we are still adjusting and learning.  But one thing is for sure, I am not complaining about it.  I am thankful that I have this man in my life and he is more than enough.  Even if I only get him on the weekends.  xoxo

Adventures in homeschooling..

Sorry it has been awhile since we posted, but thought we would keep you up to date on what has been going on here.  Many have asked about homeschooling, or wonder what goes on all day so I thought we'd share with you this wonderful, exciting and crazy journey!
Homeschool room

Singapore math
I teach Landon at home Tues, Wed and Friday and we finish up around 12. He goes to Homeschool University 2 days a week from 8:30 to 12.  He loves it: the children, his teacher and the wonderful staff.  12 is a perfect time to end we think, and that is how are days are at home.

 THEN our afternoons are filled with...


Kicking the ball around with Uncle Andrew

Building stuff

Visiting places like the Hindu Temple with his school.  Landon is studying the Early Middle Ages and is also learning about Eastern religions.  So cool

Grandma May fished for tadpoles when she was younger, even in bomb craters after WWII, so she is showing us how it is done!

Watching the clouds after a game of baseball...  :)

Pumpkin farms!

Praying for others..

Dance parties and showing our muscles...why not???

And lots of other adventures!!!

Thank you for taking a little look into what we do here at The Noble School.  We hope you are enjoying your day.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Blackhawks win!!!!!

These 3 amigos did this at almost every home game of the Blackhawks.  Have you seen how they do their national anthem?  It's awesome.  What an amazing season.  Great team, great coach, great season. Is this going to be the next Bulls dynasty???  Go Blackhawks!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A few more photos to add...

The Presidential Election booths we had this past November.  Unfortunately, the guy we picked did NOT win.  

The Morton Arboretum

Our little hockey players

I think it is pretty evident that this toothless wonder belongs out on the ice. :)

Sweet Charlie.  He loves to tackle and "drop gloves" with Daddy and Landon.

We took Landon to a Blackhawks game for his 6th birthday present/party.